HISTORY OF VIRGINITY Kritik in der dänischen Tageszeitung POLITIKEN

Review of History of Virginity from Danish newspaper Politiken, 31 August 2013

Sophie Haller’s film is a lively mixture of cheeky, extravagantly opinionated vignettes and bodily attributes drawn as if from life or from educational plates. And the crazy thing about 'History of Virginity' is that even though it only lasts six minutes, it feels like the perfect duration.
Featuring engaging staccato narration, tight dramaturgy and a stirring political tenor, 'History of Virginity' is one the films at Odense Film Festival that most elegantly eliminates any possible prejudice that short film as a genre is old-fashioned, elitist or difficult to appreciate for those with too little education or too little time. 'History of Virginity' could easily circulate on Facebook, pass from smartphone to smartphone, screen between television programmes, be shown on the walls of a metro station or be used by a media corporation dealing in art and culture.

Danish version at: http://politiken.dk/ibyen/nyheder/film/anmeldelser/ECE2064053/kortfilmene-oplever-et-snigende-nybrud-i-odense/

Translation by Pil Lindgreen K.